About us

Maldives Fund Management Corporation Limited (MFMC) is a 100% state-owned company established by president decree in the Republic of Maldives. MFMC was formed with the objective of seeking capital market solutions for private sector development while creating opportunities for local and foreign investors to benefit from investment in various sectors of the Maldivian economy.


The broad objective of MFMC is to ease the restrictions on access to credit and lower the cost of finance to the private and public sector, thus facilitating the implementation development targets, increasing national income and widening the tax base.

Facilitate funding for private and public sector to access international capital markets and raise the required long-term finance which cannot be adequately catered for by the local financial system.

Management Structure

MFMC is owned by the Government of Maldives. The Company is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Government. The Company and funds subsequently launched by the company will be managed by a qualified management team with proven experience, integrity, and an understanding of financial markets.

Mr.Ahmed Nazim

Managing Director