Investment Opportunities

The Government understands the need for funding for local businesses, as the private sector is highly reliant on bank loans as the primary source of funding for their investments. With few commercial banks that finance investments in the country, local businesses often face the impossible task of putting up the level of collateral demanded by the banks and are often challenged by the high rates of interest they are required to pay even if they are successful in getting the finance required.

Local businesses are unable to access credit for tourism investment for various reasons. This includes restrictions due to the high degree of exposure of the bank portfolio to the few dominant sectors, the relatively small size of the banking sector against the borrowing requirements from the private sector and other constraints in the domestic financial market. Moreover, the smaller scale of our local companies has been a deterrent to access funding from overseas. The dedicated MFMC will work towards accessing international capital markets, raising long-term finance, and delivering returns to investors. The newly established corporation will manage multiple funds focusing on key policy areas, which will drive economic transformation through investment, catalyzing entrepreneurship and job creation across different geographic areas within Maldives. The Government believes that an active role in facilitating capital-market solutions for the private sector will help stimulate private sector investment and invigorate long-term economic growth.


How to Invest

The MFMC is initially set to launch multiple funds for tourism development, renewable energy and infrastructure investment. To stimulate private sector investment in the economy and accelerate the implementation of national development projects, the government will leverage assistance to the funds launched by the corporation. The Government of Maldives will be contributing equity in the form of cash injections, as well as converting lease and rental charges receivable to the government as sources of finance for the fund. However, this alone will not be sufficient to cater to the needs identified in establishing the initiative.

The fund requires investment from strategic partners that are willing to invest in Maldives tourism establishments, renewable energy projects and infrastructure projects. In addition to investment for the fund in the form of equity and/or debt, the fund requires involvement from developers, construction contractors, service providers / operators, proprietary technology holders and engineers.

Investors in funds established by MFMC stand to benefit from high rates of return earned by operating tourism establishments in the luxury market, potential for massive capital gains as evident in recent transactions pertaining to Maldives tourist resorts, a unique opportunity to undertake renewable energy projects in an ideal climate, and the opportunity to participate in delivering world-class infrastructure to cater for a growing economy .

Next step for Investors

MFMC will work closely with the Ministry of Economic Development and other relevant government authorities, and in partnership with private sector to actively facilitate investment in the Maldives. The Company can:

Provide Market Information: For interested investors, the company can provide detailed market information, supporting financial forecasts and costs of developments.

Facilitate Investment Opportunities: For investors willing to partner with the company to set up sub-funds or specific tranches, the company can secure right local partners, project managers, architects, construction and support service providers

Government Support: For investors, the company can provide assistance in understanding the laws and regulations of Maldives pertaining to foreign investment, outlining available incentives for investors.