Washed up beach

As tourism is the main contributor to the economic development of the Maldives, we believe it is critical to establish a designated fund for the tourism development of Maldives. Blessed with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and sunny weather, Maldives provide a highly optimum environment for luxury resort and guesthouse development. The main objective of the MTDF is to provide an opportunity to investors interested in gaining exposure in the tourism industry of Maldives while delivering attractive rates of return.

Tourism is booming in Maldives with numerous world-renowned tourism establishments opening in the country. The benefits from the tourism industry can be felt across all age-groups of the population making it a strategic industry for the welfare of the current generation and the generations to come. Therefore, the MTDF would focus its investments on enhancing the quality of tourism experiences and bringing in new products into the tourism industry of Maldives.