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The MREF is initially set to launch multiple sub-funds for renewable energy projects with a combined AUM of USD 20-100. The dedicated renewable energy fund will drive investment in renewable energy projects through facilitation of equity and debt for commercially viable projects undertaken by State-owned enterprises, private companies, and local councils.

The fund will be making direct equity investments and structured debt injections into renewable energy projects, with typical investment focus on solar, wind, biomass and hydropower. Due to the high cost of diesel-powered electricity in the Maldives, there is huge potential in terms of reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions by investing in solar-powered electricity.

Investment Strategy & Philosophy

MFMC will work closely with the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, and the Ministry of Economic Development in identifying commercially viable opportunities for infrastructure investment in Maldives, taking into consideration geographic areas that require further investment to cater for the infrastructure gap evident in the country.

Investor Eligibility

Only institutional investors and qualified personal investors as determined by the Eligibility Criteria set by the Fund, and as per the laws and regulations of the Rep. of Maldives will be available to subscribe to the offer.